Think beyond referrals: Here are a few innovative ways to get new clients

Rethinking client acquisition methods and expanding your investor base beyond referrals is essential. By identifying untapped investor categories, you can broaden your reach and cultivate a diverse client portfolio. This approach ensures a robust source of new clients and fosters a wider network of investors.

To identify some proven ways of attracting new clients, Top 2 strategies to get new clients. Let’s check :


#1 Interact with clients’ kids: Apart from encouraging clients to open a minor MF folio for their children, MFDs should meet and interact with client’s children whenever they go to their house or meet them at any function.

Over time, as their children attain majority, they gradually become familiar with the MFD.

Eventually, MFDs can onboard these young investors as their clients.

#2 Approach associations/groups – It is a good idea to identify specific investor segments and reach out to them through the association/. For example, there are separate associations/groups for doctors, traders and lawyers.

MFDs could reach out to the management for the list of members and seek requisite approvals.

Once the members’ list is available, MFDs can directly connect with these prospects. However, it is important to be ready with all relevant information that talks about credibility and work. This includes – brief professional background, achievements and client testimonials.

#3 Engage with schools – Not all schools have financial literacy in their curriculum. MFDs can thus look at tying up with schools to reach out to young investors. They could design a series of lectures to instil financial awareness and discipline.

MFD’s tied up with a school for a 12-month program where MFD’s conduct monthly educative sessions for grades ninth and tenth. MFD’s gradually introduce different topics through a structured program comprising the history of money, budgeting and risk profiling amongst others.

Such continuous and designed engagement not only creates future investors but also allows reaching out to parents and teachers, all of whom are potential clients.

#4 Reach out to newer investor categories – Having an online presence helps to reach out to a wider set of audience and identify newer investor categories. However, consistency is the key here.

To elaborate, MFD’s should post either a video/article/poster or go live at a specific time every Thursday. In our experience, videos and live sessions gain the maximum traction.

However, MFDs should keep the videos short and have a separate Q&A segment during live sessions to attract more viewership.

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